The Art of the Detective Story

The regular book reviews will commence next weeks, including a critique of another one of my new discoveries, and a pretty good one at that, but for now, you will have to do with this piece of artwork from The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service – depicting its members as famous fictional detectives. 

Role call: Yuji Yata as Hercule Poirot; Ao Sasaki as Miss Marple; Keiko Makino as Sherlock Holmes; Makoto Numata as Shunsaku Kudo and Kuro Karatsu as Kousuke Kindaichi.


  1. Sorry, maybe I'm being a total idiot here, but you've got 5 figures named in your caption, but I see 6... Is one of these just their regular self?

  2. The sixth "person" is Yata's hand puppet, which he uses as a medium to channel the concience of a bad-mannered, wisecracking alien intelligence.

    "I'm not tryin' to say the dead walk, officer! Just that they sometimes crawl a little."


  3. Ah, makes sense now! Sounds interesting...


    No, Patrick! Make up your mind already! Wouldn't you rather have Jumping Jenny?

    But we likes the Paul Halters too....

    Lord, my wishlist is immense...